Passport for a dog or cat in Warsaw

Passport for a dog; Passport for a cat; Issuing passports for pets in Warsaw.

Passport is a condition for a foreign trip in the European Union for a pet

Passport for a dog or cat is one of several documents necessary to travel with an animal abroad within the European Union countries. Every dog ​​or cat traveling within the EU borders must have several necessary documents. The first required document is confirmation from the veterinarian about rabies vaccination. The dog or cat must also be marked (have an identification tattoo or a chip). The most important document, however, is the passport.

How to get a passport for a dog or cat in Warsaw?

Passport for a dog or cat in Warsaw is issued at the Animal Care Center Warsaw Wilanów at ul. Sarmacka 9. The condition for the issuance of a document for a dog or cat is to mark the animal and have proof of compulsory vaccinations. At the clinic it is possible to prep a dog or cat and carry out the necessary vaccinations. For this purpose, you should show up with your pet so that the Vet. can carry out the necessary procedures, that is, chipping and vaccination.

How much does a passport for a dog or cat cost?

The issuance of a passport, costs one hundred zlotys (100zl). If the dog or cat was not vaccinated, the cost of vaccination and marking should be added (implantation of a dog or cat's chip).

How long do you need to wait for a dog or cat passport?

The document is issued immediately by an authorized veterinarian at the Animal Care Center Warszawa Wilanów Veterinary Clinic. The condition for issuing the document is, having valid vaccinations and the identification mark of the animal.

How long is a pet passport valid?

The passport is perpetual, but it must contain important entries regarding the validity of vaccinations. From December 29, 2014, a new specimen identification document (passport) for companion animals to which accompanying animals after this date must be supplied. The existing passports are out of date. If you have an old document, it is necessary to get a new one from the vet.

Where can I get a passport for a dog or cat in Warsaw?

Passport is issued at the Animal Care Center Veterinary Clinic in Warsaw Wilanów - ul. Sarmacka 9. Passport can be picked up daily from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 21:00 and on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00. You do not have to make an appointment beforehand.

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